About Us

Hy-Vee Construction is a Construction Management department within Hy-Vee specializing in the following areas:

  • Retail and Remodeling
  • Dry and Cold Storage
  • Warehouse/Distribution Facilities
  • Food Processing
  • Installation of Finished Package for Store Set-Up

Formed in 1995, we have completed millions of square feet of retail, warehouse, and food processing projects, including new and remodeled space across the United States.

We work alongside Hy-Vee's team of in-house designers, real estate, and operations to deliver projects on time and under budget. Our collective team of professionals is involved from initial concept all the way to the grand opening.

Ashwaubenon Team

Our team is comprised of:

  • Preconstruction
  • Operations
  • Project Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Project Superintendents
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Accountants
  • Special Projects
  • Project Managers
  • Self-Perform Crew
  • Quality Control

Our Core Values

Service: Service is helping others. It is doing what is needed; but also a little more. Sometimes it is about anticipating the next question and delivering the information. Customer Service is sometimes tied to this. Then the question is: "Who is your customer?" Everyone you interact with is a customer. Sometimes the service is having lights that turn on, or paper stocked in the right place. It is the things we do that are part of the job, but also beyond the job description. We provide a service in reviewing documents for clarity, making sure that quality is attained, through communicating what is needed and following through on requests. We acknowledge service by being grateful. We are not the experts in many of the things we manage, but we provide a service by coordinating the experts toward a finished product.

Experience: Experience Is how something feels. It is in every interaction. Would you recommend that project or team to someone else? Did you build trust and follow through on your commitments? Are they satisfied with the job that was done? Is the space welcoming? In a remodel is the space able to be shopped? We are doing something necessary and sometimes messy. How does it feel from an outside perspective? How can you make it exciting or engaging to those who it is effecting?

Quality: Delivering Quality is not only in how the finished product looks, but how it performs over its life under normal use. It is something that needs to be constantly reviewed and when items do not perform as expected. Quality is getting it replaced or repaired in a reasonable timeframe. Quality is also doing what is right for the company long term; not cutting corners because it will not be seen. It is making sure that every dollar that is spent or contracted is received. Quality is about having things functional for their intended purpose.

Value: Value is reflected in Quality and Experience. Value is measurable dollars saved or Total Price of a project, but it is also the items in the building functioning as designed. It is making the dollars used go beyond the initial costs. If a project goes well, communication among all parties was smooth, and expectations were discussed and achieved, then the project or relationships have Value. Value can also tie to Service. Amazing service is a Value.

Purpose: Purpose is the Why. Why do we help? Why do we build? Why do we work hard? Why do we show up early and stay late? It is about building communities. It is about offering people options they may not have had access to before. It is about being a part of something bigger than ourselves and helping beyond our community . It is about pride in a job well done and a drive to continuously improve our world.

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